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Sunday, April 19, 2009 

Obama Lets the World Dog The United States

Once again we see our ever fearless passive leader go forth and let the world insult and lie about the United States of America. This time it is not kowtowing to the left of Europe but to the vile oppresive dictators in Latin and South America.

His first stop was to listen to the lies and spread them himself about the U.S. border with Mexico. The corrupt government of Mexico listed and twisted the facts about the danger spilling across the border from their lack of being able to handle the drug cartels. The fact that it is the Mexican governments corrupt military supplying a vast arsenal of American made weapons to thugs, thieves and degenerates. Obama and Hillary go along and recite the same lies.

Next stop is the Caribbean where the Latin summit occurred. Here we have some of the worlds worst perpetrators of human rights violations spew forth their contempt for democracy and freedom. Calling the United States a terrorist state. What does our ever vigilant and edjumacated ivy league President do? Nothing. He sits there and lets a man like Daniel Ortega denounce the United States.

Calling us terrorist and imperialist.Why, because we helped throw his corrupt backside out of power in the 80's. This is why. This man if his country had any brains would have executed him.
Nope, they end up releasing him from prison then voting him back into office. Idiots!!!!!

Next we begin talks with Fidel Castro and Cuba. For over 50 years we have boycotted this oppressive regime. There is good reason too. Fidel is corrupt, oppressive, and has tried to put nuclear weapons in our back yard. Sounds like a good reason to me to isolate him. We could have blown that tiny island off the map but for the sake of the Cuban people we did not.

Noe Hugo Chavez down in Venezuela is building air bases, military outposts, and weapons factories. He is also aiding and supplying terrorist and drug cartels with weapons and military advisers in their battle to overthrow Democratic Governments, Columbia and Brazil. As well as simply adding instabbility to Latin and South America with Leftist indoctrination, and class warfare.

Why does not President Obama say something about the truth oif the matter. He does not, is it because he is so out of touch with reality that he believes this garbage that these dictators are saying? More probable then not.

Lets face it he definaetly is not the sharpest tool in the shed. He says our economy is now getting better do to his stimulus. In fact more Americans are now out of work then in the last 25 years.
President Obama has not just lost this country respect in the standings of the world, but with the majority of the American public. He may be a personable man, and his likability is in the 60% range. However check the numbers when it comoes to respect for the office. More people feel he has no back bone, leadership in a crisis, or a clue on how to be a President.

By him allowing this country to be bad mouthed without a reply from him or the State department, demonstrates he either agrees. Or that he is indeed clueless.

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