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Wednesday, April 22, 2009 

At what cost , the persecution of the Bush administration

The left wing fanatics are hell bent on putting President Bush and his administration in jail for ideological reasons. The real questions here is the president that they are trying to set. If they succeed in their unwarranted false persecution who else needs to go down then under these pretenses?

Seeing how Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Tom Daschale, just about everyone in Congress and the Senate had knowledge of what was going on . Should they not also be prosecuted as accessories as well? Instead of looking into their complacency, the pursuit of conservatives and Republicans only is what is happening.

This is nothing more then a cheap Venezuelan attempt to purge the government of any opposition to the lefts agenda. Seeing how the American voter was conned and lied to in order to vote for these socialist. We won't even begin to try and talk about the voter fraud that the courts are supporting from ACORN.

Back to topic.

If the courts here the made up false case of torture and other "high crimes" against the Bush administration then they have to take in charges against the Democrats in office as well. Including President Obama and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton as well. These two are not innocent of the same charges claimed against Bush.

Rush Limbaugh said it best. When he said that these liberals and socialist are in for hell he is right. The 2010 election is not that far away and we are already seeing a major buyers remorse out of the Obama supporters and Democratic party. Should the left push any harder on their lies and fraudulent accusations. They need to fear the whirl wind come 2011.

With the rules and Chicago way of doing things, the expectation of receiving a fair treatment of their crimes is false. A full investigation and prosecution if their real crimes will come down upon their heads like a cartoon anvil from above.

What we as responsible American Citizens must pay attention to, is the way the left and these socialist are twisting and spinning reality in order to achieve their agenda. We have many long years ahead in which we have tom work hard to undo the damage that is now being done by these clowns. A start will be to vote them out of office A.S.A.P. Then take the same action, but use the truth of their crimes and punish them as the situationist and criminals that they are.

We will not have to invent false charges and made up crimes. The lefts actions of today are breaking the laws now.

Pay attention how the left is spinning and hiding the truth of the so called crimes. The refusal to listen to the other side and the refusal to allow the full story out.

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