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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 

Obama Supports Thuggery

Here see for yourself. Yet more evidence that our President of "Hope and Change", supports those who would silence the voice of Democracy and the LEGAL rights of a Constitutional government.

Now just what am I saying here you ask. Let me remind you that our ever beloved, egomaniac , messiah of a President has said on several occasions that we do not interfere with the internal workings of other countries. This only applies to countries that oppress people like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, and Honduras.

Now over on BreitBart.com. We have another example of how this current administration does not support the legal constitutional rights of another country when it applies their law to their country. One correction to the story that Breit Bart like the rest of the media gets wrong. It WAS NOT A COUP. IT WAS LAW ENFORCEMENT, that removed the former President of Honduras.

The U.S. State Department has pulled and will not allow members of the Honduran government visas to come to this country. Why? The pressure is being applied to allow a corrupt former President who overstepped his powers to return to an ILLEGAL position of control in his country.

The Honduran law states that the president will serve only FOUR YEARS and no more. Yet the former Honduran President tried to illegally stay in office. Thus if there was any coup it was on the former president and not the legal officers of the government who ousted him

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