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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 

The Voice of the People

So Lanny Davis wants me photographed and investigated. Why, because I do not support a government intrusion into my daily life. Harry Reid thinks I have a shrill voice, and the DNC thinks i am an extremist from the far right.

Well it is time that the American people wake the hell up! Look around at what these self inflated, egotistical, buffoons in Washington are saying not just about an opinionated person like myself, but about you.

They are proving the old adage of "if you can't stand the heat of the stove , get out of the kitchen". The heat is on over what they themselves are doing. They have no one to blame. No one to pass the buck to. These issues, not just health care, but the economy, international status, the dismantling of the American Constitution in favor of a World order is their fault. NO ONE ELSE'S!

When politicians , be from any party think that dismissing a question or trying to slide out a general answer that does not relate to the question is fine. That when their constituents want answers to the direct question that the question asked and those who want to hear an answer and will not let the politician stonewall or deviate from the topic are rabble rousers. Then it is TIME TO GET NEW PEOPLE IN OFFICE.

In just six (6) short months we have seen the deficit quadruple and taxes start to rise as unemployment figures go up. Are we to suffer the same repeat of failed Carter policies that almost ruined this great nation in the 70's repeat now in the 2000's? It is not even failed Carter leftist policies but Marxism that is being forced upon this country.

Are we to sit by and watch as the once leading nation int he world be turned into a third world nation struggling for survival?

No, and any politician who may get word of this blog, head my words. YOU WORK FOR US, THE PEOPLE. NOT THE PEOPLE WORK FOR YOU! YOU ARE EMPLOYED BY OUR WILL NOT WE BY YOURS!

It is time that we as a nation hold these bone heads in Washington and the White House accountable. The election cycle is about to start up again for midterm elections. As a nation we have to send a message loud and clear. Washington you work for us. If you do not respect and listen to the people then you will be out of a job and in the unemployment line.

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