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Sunday, August 02, 2009 

Anti Americanism at work

In what has to be the lamest spin and obviously anti American move by a leftist so far this year. The city of Clearwater Florida claims that they do not have the money to fly the AMERICAN Flag any more. That it is just to expensive of an effort to do so.

Not only is this disgraceful, arrogant, and disgusting by these boneheaded liberal Nazis. It is insulting to all those who are AMERICAN CITIZENS living in this pathetic community run by haters of this great country.

Claiming that because of monetary shortfalls and the cut back in park and recreational employees. The city can no longer fly the American flag and has removed 13 Flagpoles and OLD GLORY no longer flies there.

The absurdity that these punks claim that they have no money , yet sit in their air conditioned offices instead of opening a window and sucking it up like the populace has to. Are removing one of the most sacred national symbols from an AMERICAN CITY.

We need to put the pressure on and let these leftist , social elitists , who think they are above AMERICA know what we think. Contact the punk in charge at the following

Mailing Address:
William Horne, City Manager Clearwater City Hall, 3rd Floor112 S. Osceola Ave.
P.O. Box 4748Clearwater, FL 33756
Telephone:(727) 562-4040
Fax:(727) 562-4052

Oh by the way, Horne is a Democrat who supports the Marxist OBAMA. Need we really say any more now about the truth of removing the American Flag.

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