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Monday, August 03, 2009 

Revealing Attitude from Government

In a great show of informed citizenry. Arlen Specter and Kathleen Sebelius were lambasted in a Philadelphia town hall meeting. Audience members let these two self righteous know betters that they looked rather stupid and showed their ignorance when it comes to what they were trying to inform the populace of.

As the left make a full court press on government takeover of health care. The Obama bots and socialists are out and about trying to tell the average person that they have rotten health care and need the government to provide services that will end up providing nothing. As m,any parts of this poorly written takeover and new tax on the health care industry misses the real problem. The insurance companies who are the ones hindering real care for those in need. The government wants to emulate this by more bureaucracy. Just read the proposals that Congress has been championing and pushing forward.

Kathleen Sebelius finally had enough of being made out to be the ignorant leftist she is when she, and I quote said "This bill hasn't even been written" end quote.

Well the final version may not be written as of yet. However the truth in the push is the socialist takeover of our freedoms. Here we are with Obama bots pushing a bill that they themselves have no real idea of what is in it. As admitted to by Kathleen Sebelius. SO why the push to get passed?

They want it passed without the public knowing what they are up to. That is why, these town hall meetings are a distraction. The left, lead by the first Marxist ever to be President. Are so upset that they are being questioned at all. Note the arrogance and how easily these elected officials get ticked off when questioned. Every last answer that the left gives boils down to " we know better stupid". You have to pay attention to not only what they are really saying but how they say it.

This country is in trouble and it is up to us. The AMERICAN CITIZENRY to let those in Washington D.C. know who is the boss.

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