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Wednesday, August 05, 2009 

White House in a tizzy?

Wouldn't you like to be a fly on the wall in the White House right now. Just to listen to Rham Emmanuel explain how Congress will not kowtow to the Chicago political tactics. Then with the release of the two less then brilliant reporters who have now been released by North Korea with the aid of Bill Clinton.

Wouldn't you like to see president Obama's face as he reads the headlines on how Clinton saved these two and he gets no credit for it. Remember how he claimed credit for the pirates demise from Navy SEALS scopes.

Wouldn't you like to see how Nancy Peloosa and Dingy Harry Reid try to explain that the American people need to be labeled and prosecuted more for telling the truth and finding out the truth about the government take over of health care. That if they continue to label concerned American citizens as mobs and just a few uninformed radicals they can push through the Marxist idea of health care for the peasants.

Lets not forget to listen as someone tries to explain how Michelle Malkins new book reveals the corruption of the Obama Chicago machine now being entrenched in Washington D.C.

Then the reaction to the little things like the new Obama campaign poster of a clown. How it is gaining popularity on the Internet and in liberal voting areas.

Not to mention that the Presidents 48Th b-day did not get a national holiday coverage from the blog sphere or the MSM.

Could it be that the White House is in a tizzy today?

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