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Monday, September 28, 2009 

Health Care's biggest LIE

There has been a lot of talk and rhetoric about ILLEGALS and health care. How they are being left out of the equation. That they are our societies forgotten contributors.

Let me tell you the biggest lie about al of this. They CAN PURCHASE insurance at any time if they want to. Just like auto insurance. However why would they when the law on auto insurance for them is not enforced. Should they then even consider purchasing heath care insurance when it is provided for fre right now UNDER THE LAW.

This is the biggest lie being spewed and spun rom the liberals, excuse me. From the Leftists! There is no law that prevents them from buying a Cobra plan or Blue Cross Blue Shield policy. just like there is no law that prevents them from buying auto insurance. In fact the law states that any one who drives/owns a vehicle must have coverage. Yet this is not enforced and when they are caught a small fine or a turning of the back by law enforcement allows them to go ahead and ignore the law while the average American who may have misplaced their proof of insurance is run through the mill and hassled over it.

Health care at the moment is under the law mandated for everyone in this country regardless of citizenship. No medical facility can refuse or deny treatment. This is why emergency rooms all across this country are flooded with people who only have the sniffles and not a life threatening problem. It is free health care!

What is being spun is after care. This is the true goal of the leftists. A reduction in the services provided now. A broader implementation of less for more.

One way to help the health care industry is to stop the free care at emergency rooms and force illegals to obey at least one law and buy an insurance plan. I am sure there are enough leftist s out there who can help organise them and create a plan with low costs for the illegals . Oh wait this would mean that they would have to pay for it and not the American tax payer. Sorry it would not work then.

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