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Thursday, September 24, 2009 

Obama snubs and sells out our ALLIES

We'll we sure got the change that people voted for. Whats lacking is any hope for the future. With the removal and lack of support for Poland and a new defense system to help not only Poland in case of aggression but an early warning system for the United States. Now rumors are that Poland is standing down on their commitment to send military troops to Afghanistan. Why, Obama refuses to aid our new NATO ally.

Next is the absolute selling out of Israel in his anti Semitic speech to the United Nations. His condemnation and misunderstanding of Israel history with a support for Hamas and Hezbollah. Obama shows that he has no idea of what this country faces on the world scene.

Then our oldest Ally is snub not once , not twice, but five times for private talks with Britain. The removal of the bust of Winston Churchill from the oval office and a lack of any decorum in his gift exchange with England and their Monarch is embarrassing.

The fact that Obama does not support democracy around the world, ie: Honduras and their lawful enforcement of their Constitution. Obama meets with dictators and thugs in private , along with those who support terrorism and anti American passions.

In Obamas long and tiresome campaign to become President and during his first extremely long 8 months of office . Not once has this man referred to Islamic Extremists or Islamic Terrorists as those being our enemies.

His cozying up to these madmen of the Mideast, then paying lip service to those who oppose life in the dark ages by giving brief tsk tsk to these dictators during his apologetic tour and special apologetic appearance at the U.N. Has only distanced us more from our true friends and allies. Any more snubs and insults to our friends will leave this country truely alone and in trouble.

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