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Thursday, November 19, 2009 

Even the economist are lying to us. (HealthCare phhhht)

This is incredible. An elementary schoolchild is able to understand this so why can't the government.

Look if I tell you you are going to spend X, but wait that is too much money. So let us spend Y.
The difference of Y - X = Z. Z is the amount we are going to save by spending Y instead of X.

Looks simple does it not? Here is the problem. X is the same as Y. They are both an increase in spending. I say that again. THEY ARE BOTH AN INCREASE IN SPENDING. It does not matter if we spend X or Y, they both are increase in monies we do not have. Z does not exist. It is a fictitious number thrown out to divert your attention from the fact that spending is increasing period.

It dose not matter if it is the House or the Senates version of health care. They both are an increase in spending. There is no SAVINGS on any of these plans. DO you understand this people?

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