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Monday, December 07, 2009 

Cap and Tax, Co2, Nanny State

Here it comes. Life as we know it is about to change dramatically for America and her sons and daughters. As our President jet sets to Copenhagen to schmooze with world propagandist on the mythical global warming. (by the way it is only 9F here right now!!!!!) The EPA is pushing Co2 control on this country. By the way is anyone out there really knowledgeable about what this proposal will do. Not only is it counter HUMAN by declaring the fact that Co2 is bad to the environment. Something that nature needs as plants breath Co2 to survive and exhale oxygen. But declaring the fact that we as human beings are killing the environment by just living.

The Cap and Tax dictatorship presently being drawn up by congress is the end all to end all on freedom for the small business man and industry in this country. As the fraud of carbon credits, a ponzi scheme, is pushed by the alter of Gore worshipers. The door to nanny ism will be blocked open. DO you realise that this B.S. will effect not only how we work, by limiting job options, jobs in general, but our private lives as well. In California they are taking this to dictate what televisions we are allowed to purchase and watch in our homes. There is talk about what light bulbs we can use. There is even a proposal to mandate the green police and give the the right to ignore the 4Th amendment and enter our homes and fine us for not being green enough.

The food we eat is already being artificially priced above and beyond what it should be. Why, because in California they have shut the water off to the farms that grow the produce. This is done to protect a fish over humans.

They screamed about pesticides being used , so here in America we adapted and changed, yet by shutting this water off they are encouraging the import of foods grown and covered with American banned pesticides. Does this make any sense. We are not allowed to use these chemicals but then again we are not being allowed to grow our own food while other countries say screw you on the pesticide ban and sell their crops to us at inflated import prices.

They are going to force us into driving their eco cars while they still jet around the world. Then punish us for their polluting. They are working hard on being food police claiming that American children are over weight, yet they will not let children be children. How dare we let kids run at recess, they may fall and skin their knees. Physical education is out because some children are not athletic. Gosh I wonder why kids gain weight then?

It is now time if there was ever a time for us, WE THE PEOPLE, to get involved. WE THE PEOPLE have to take back our country and reinforce the principle of a government of the people , by the people, and for the people.

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