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Wednesday, December 02, 2009 

Officially Obama and the lefts war now

There can be no deny it now. this is Obama's and the lefts war. One that looks to be another failure by leadership and play calling from politicians instead of Military Generals.

As President Obama tried to look presidential by speaking at West Point, he talked about the end game without mentioning the most important part. The winning of the game. Instead this poser spoke of an increase in personnel and then the withdrawal of military personnel and equipment. All the while he hinted and tried to blame the previous administration for problems he has exasperated and compounded to no end.

A quadrupling of the debt, increased without reason spending, increased unemployment do to lack of economic understanding and the forced make believe health care problems.

This new plan for the war on TERRORISM (Afghanistan) is nothing but a projection to the enemy. The enemy by the way who plots and schemes bidding their time and waiting. A timeline in which they can go and hide , regroup, resupply, reorganise, and prepare.

What would the German Marshalls who planned and executed the Blitzkrieg of WWII have done if Churchill, FDR and STALIN had set dates and time lines , then published them to the world? I am sure Europe would be speaking German today along with most of Africa.

The fear of another Viet Nam is looking more like a reality and repeat of history as leftist politicians and ideological buffoons ( Possibly Obama, just saying if the shoe fits) try to inject their thinking into a subject they do not understand nor support. By having politicians run and call the shots, placing limitations on rules of engagement, the handicaps are unbelievable. is it any wonder that the moral is dropping in the military.

The hypocritical cry from Obama and the left about how to pay for this war while they plunder this countries economic future is amazing. It should be front page news. The fact that while they do not want to spend on national defense , yet want to increase porkulus and welfare spending is the leading story. As Obama and his cronies spin this country with mistruths and flat out lies. We are at war.

Make no mistake about this. There is an enemy out there who will kill us. Just as the sun comes up in the east every morning, Islam will do what it can to change our lives. Not for the better either.

A little off topic but I defy any one to show me an Islamic country that leads the word in any thing from science to standards in living. You can not because there is not one out there. They are all back water oppressive states.

President Obama took this war on as his during the campaign leading to the 2008 election. He campaigned on it and talked about how he had strategies for it. Then after the election in March 2009 he said again he had a plan for it as well. Now December of 2009 he talks about a surge. A surge he did not support but was effective in Iraq. He misleads when he hints that this is not a surge and that we are to increase as we decrease our military presence in Afghanistan. Double talk that by changing a few words could be the same for his economic plan for this country. We must stop deficit spending while we spend more money.

2012 can not come soon enough to remove this failed President from office.

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