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Monday, November 30, 2009 


Let freedom ring! Let the rule of the people by the people and for the people come forth and govern under a Constitution that is not being perverted and destroyed. That's right the people of Honduras have spoken. Not quietly either. they have united their voices in a democratic fashion and spoken, NO COMMUNISM, NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT, NO UNCONSTITUTIONAL LEADERSHIP!

In an election that the current United States Presidential administration , state department, and dictatorial oppressive leaders through out South and Latin America do not like. Honduras has held fast under international pressure and voted the communist Zelaya out!

In case you did not know or forgot. Zelaya was once the President of Honduras. However he was LEGALLY ousted for trying to change the Constitution of Honduras. The Constitution allows for only one term for President and forbids it to be changed. Thus eliminating any sort of power grab by by people like Zelaya. He however tried to defy the Constitution and his own communist party helped to oust him. This created an international scandal. The scandal being that Obama and Hillary backed Zelaya and his illegal power grab. Calling for a stoppage in foreign aid by the United States and other governments until the illegal Zelaya was placed back into power.

Of coarse Hugo Commie Chavez supported Zelaya along with Castro from Cuba, Amadinjhad from Iran and other dictators and anti Democratic oppressors from though out the world. That is why this election results are so special and important. It shows that even under extreme international pressure to place this thug back into power. Under a special election the people spoke and refused him by voting him out. Or you could say refused to vote him back into office.

For a much more indepth coverage of this. GO to Atlas Shrugs. Pamela Gellar as always has the skinny on the deception we get from the MSM here and as to the whole situation.


**Updated Nov 30**

Suppressed Medical Records (File 5100-13465/001)

With copies of letters from Privacy Commissioner of Canada

and an audio.

St. Catharines, Ontario

- Privacy Commissioner of Canada (Sect. 25,26,28)

- C.M.H.A / C.A.M.H. - Brock University

Further details Google:

Medicine Gone Bad



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