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Wednesday, December 02, 2009 

Very easy to Criticise

It is very easy to criticise and use 20/20 hind sight. Many sit and ask, wonder what would I do then if I were in charge. I sit here and criticise how the left and President Obama in my opinion are bungling the war effort on terror. So what would I do?

I have given this a lot of thought.

First a reminder must be made that this is a war and in war terrible things happen and people die. This must be made clear and understood. No misconception as to the horrors of war.

Secondly the trust and support of the military must be regained. A show that they are supported and will receive the man power and supplies that they need will be given.

The rules of war under the international Geneva convention would be reinstated and the political correct nonsense removed. A hands off approach by the Elected numbskull's in Washington D.C. must be instated.

An overall assault by the military using the American military might will be used. All the power, pride, resourcefulness, and determination of the greatest military in the world will be unleashed.

A clear goal and objective would be set and not changed. That goal is to win and defeat those who attack us. A warning to the world that America will not be attacked and those who hide and aid our enemies are our enemies.

The actual plan and implementation of the war would be left to those competent, ie: Generals. A suggested use of Air power followed by an all out ground offensive would be supported.

There would be no other higher priority then the WINNING OF THE WAR.

A ramping up of the war industry would help the economy by creating jobs and lowering unemployment. This would also give many health insurance offered by employment. Encouragement of new technologies that not only aid in the safety of military personnel but enhance our lives would be promoted. A reorganization of National Security priorities that include securing the boarder, prosecuting crimes under proper guidelines (meaning terrorist under military law, subversives under war crimes law, and spies facing the death penalty) would be a must.

This is how I would run the war. You asked I told.

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