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Friday, November 27, 2009 

The day after thanks

So it is black Friday. Why is it called black Friday? I understand black Monday in October. the day the stock market crashed in the depression. Yet today is not a day that even comes close to that. I have the news on and no one is jumping from windows because their stocks have plummeted. Today is the big shopping day.

It is supposed to be the start of the Holiday Season. A time to rejoice at the birth of our savior. A time for us to remember why Christ died on the cross for us and gave us a new lease on the after life. I see no blackness in this, do you?

As we begin our new found race to purchase items for the holidays. The day after we give thanks for those who came before us, those who defend us, and to those for what ever reason we deem enhanced our little lives. May we not forget the true meaning of the holiday season and its real message for us. Not the giving and receiving of gifts but the celebration of the life over two thousand years ago of a little boy born in a manger. How his life has changed ours for the better, and how we can honor his teachings.

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