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Thursday, December 03, 2009 

The Job Summit Farce

Why is the so called job summit taking place today, nothing more then a dog and pony show. In essence it is a farce , with nothing productive going to be established from it. Well to be blunt there is only one side of the issue being represented here. The government and big labor unions. Not anyone who represents small business where jobs are created.

The majority of jobs created are from small businesses. That is businesses that have less then 500 employees. These are the companies that are the backbone to this country. They are the ones who pay the majority of taxes and are hit hardest by new taxes and this health care scam being jammed down our throats. If these businesses cannot hire then the unemployment level will rise and the economy will fall.

As this current administration pays off their union buddies with rewards of increased power and monies to support their corrupt oppression of the working class. Those who do not belong to a union are being forced out of work and onto government welfare in order to survive. Working two and three jobs to maintain a living standard and raise a family.

This job summit is nothing more then a meet and greet four the unions and government. Unions want to control and dictate business i this country. We do not have to look any further then the auto industry debacle to see that unions have no clue as to how business works. What we have learned is that unions are the reason the auto industry has failed. When GM and Chrysler were forced to accept bailout monies the unions stepped in and these companies are no better off now then they were before the bailout. The only difference is that the private investor was cheated out of their investments in these companies while big unions and pro labor forces were paid for votes for socialist leaning officials.

A huge employer in the economy is being ignored. This is the space industry. Not only NASA but those companies that invest and enhance our lives by developing tech that not only is for space exploration but raises the living standard world wide. ( example is the transistor that lead to the micro chip. you would not have a cell phone or a flat screen television with out the space industry)

This entire section of the economy is not even represented in this job summit. Hundreds of thousands of employees are involved here. Boeing, Locked Martin, Sun strand, Ball industry, just to name a few off the top of my head. These companies not only work with the government but are private and employee thousands and thousands. Should they not be heard as well. Should not the government instead of cutting the space exploration budget encourage it some more. Also these companies contribute hugely to the military as well. A large employer in its self.

What would help stop unemployment? Well if this current administration would take a basic economic class and learn what supply and demand is would be a good start. An understanding that raising taxes on corporations which includes small business, because they are taxed on gross income not net, is hampering not helping.

By picking on corporations and raising taxes on them they force these companies to out source and move over seas. This in no way aids in our economy and unemployment problems now does it.If a company moves then the jobs here disappear, right? You betcha.

In summation, this P.R. meeting today at the White House is a farce and benefits no one that matters.

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