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Sunday, December 27, 2009 

Christmas bombing attempt was and is preventable

The attempt to blow up a civilian flight to Detroit on Christmas day was and is totally preventable. The only reason it is not stopped at the boarding gate is because LIBERALS refuse to allow the rest of us to be safe. In the name of political correctness how dare we think in terms of prevention and safety. This is their train of thought. Blame the victim and martyr the criminal.

I have never and will not forget a trip I made through Soul in 1988 just before the Olympics. I was on my way home from Okinawa Japan for some leave and liberty. A chance to visit family and friends at this time. Nothing big, except that the Olympics was getting ready to happen in South Korea.

The alert status was higher then normal because students were also protesting in Inchon , Soul, and other parts of Korea. The fear that the North might try something or some other group of morons would act up was a reality.

What was my time there? Oh not more then thirty minutes. Most of the time waiting for others to board the connecting flight. My flight landed and I exited the plane and was directed to, as was every one departing the plane. To a security check point. At this check point I was asked if I was passing through or staying in South Korea. My documents in hand I explained to the security officer I was to catch a connecting flight and move on. She was very pleasant and professionally. Pointing me to another short line. I say short because the security personnel at the next stop were efficient in their jobs and moving people right along.

Here they had me place my carry on baggage on a table then step back. One security guard opened my luggage and removed everything. The other guard politely asked if she could touch my person. Having been trained in security check points I knew what was going to happen. Also having trained with and seen the South Koreans in action I knew not to be obnoxious or say no. I did see one Australian tell them no and he was quickly moved to another room and there I am sure he waited a while, isolated and wondering what was up.

Back to me, well the young female officer patted me down. First she waved a wand over me, then a physical touch. Nothing bad in this at all. While this was happening the other officer had unpacked, unfolded, examined , refolded and packed my luggage nicer then I had originally had it.

All this happened in less then ten minutes . I say ten minutes because that includes the time it took me to walk down the concourse and go through a second check point, like the first and board my connecting flight.

Efficient and professional, no delay or invasion of my personal rights. I guarantee that if I was up to no good during this time I would still be in South Korea wondering where I went wrong. This is how you prevent idiot, moronic, Islamic or any other extremist. You do a physical ( physical by meaning touching and looking, examining) people in a proficient and thorough manner. No harm, no foul, yet safe and secure.

I have never had the pleasure of traveling to Israel. However I understand that their security is much the same. Seeing how they are the ones who helped set up and design the process that South Korea used in 88. I also cannot find any incidents of real trouble at the Tel Aviv airport do to non security measures.

So could this bonehead now wasting more American tax money by being in jail and getting an American lawyer , who naturally will bill the government , meaning you and I. In order to represent this piece of vile scum. Could he have been prevented from attempting to murder those innocent passengers? Yes, but the problem is our own government does not see the threat or want to "inconvenience" possible terrorist.

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