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Sunday, December 20, 2009 

60 Votes killed a Nation

It looks like a sure thing for the nanny state as Senator Ben Nelson (D) of Nebraska has agreed to the over reaching, intrusive, over priced, and destructive health care Obamanation. It is amazing that the lives of over 300 million people will be destroyed by the votes of just 60 self centered, looking for fifteen minutes of fame elected bureaucrats.

As Sen. Nelson has made a massive back room deal that will force the nation to pay for Nebraska's health bill. Adding additional taxes in order to supplement Nebraska's portion of its state medicaid/medicare bills. We the people are, for lack of any other way to say it, SCREWED.

The "nanny" state is now not just talk but a reality as we can look for ward to food police, exercise police, the p.c. police entering our lives as never before. Telling us just how to live and when to die.Individual choice as to what we do and want to do will no longer be allowed in the name of social justice. Even though the social justice is a perverted, guilt ridden politically correct version of reality.

The concept of entitlement, rights, responsibility, will be forever blurred into a mass of government will take care of you. the call for do not worry about it should ring loud and clear now. The idea of responsibility and rights are no longer debatable. It is a right to have with no responsibility for consequences of the action.

The fact that the law currently prevents ANYONE from being denied health care does not matter. What is important, according to the progressives in congress is that the rich pay for it. That those who once strive for achievement are punished for believing that they can better their lives on their own with out the aid of a social based agenda. How dare you improve your lot in life with out improving the slackers who do not care if their lives improve or not. It is your responsibility to work and toil for others and not yourself and immediate family.

It is now your responsibility to support the state over your self and family. The many must be taken care of before the few. Individualism is bad. Independent thought must be eliminated. Personal responsibility falls away in order to promote perverted social justice for others. The indisputable fact that in nature man is not equal no longer will be recognised, but replaced with you are no better then anyone else. The self confidence of ego must be replaced with servitude and slavery.

This country was established, and suffered on the concept of individual responsibility with concern for our fellow man. Now it is replaced with collective indentured servitude to a collective goal that punishes the individual based upon race, social economic status, and individual thought.

Is it time for a second revolution? Would our founding father if alive allow this without discourse? We may be passed any chance of saving ourselves as the oxymoron of progressive liberalism oppresses the once free people of the United States of America, all with just 60 votes.

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