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Saturday, December 26, 2009 

More Government Spin

It is not even the new year yet and the bone heads in Washington are already spinning the facts on the health of the economy. The truth is that the economy is being artificially propped up by lies. Where they say that the GDP has grown by 3.3%, reality check they had to revise the figure twice. It is down to 2.1% and may have grown even less. It depends on if it is a government agency reporting or not.

Now Sec. of the Treasury Geithner spins the job market as "positive job growth" by spring. Who is he trying to convince? That statement is a Homer Simpson "DUUHH". Anyone who thinks about this for an moment will know that jobs increase in the spring and decrease in the fall. It is called seasonal work. Many jobs in the service sector, are only fair weather jobs. You cannot mow the lawn with 6 inches of snow on it. You cannot do sub excavating when he frost line has set in. So many of these jobs are only available in good warmer weather.

For Geithner to make such an absurd spin statement is telling of the desperation of this administration to try and paint a Rosy picture. The truth is that the private sector is dieing and needs government restrictions loosened along with an influx of cash. The government has padded its bank accounts and hired but this does not help the economy overall. It hinders it.
What more lies and spin are we to be bludgeoned with in the coming year?

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