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Monday, December 21, 2009 

Sen. Whitehouse YOU'RE FIRED PAL!

Sen. Whitehouse you PUTZ! You dare have the nerve to claim anyone who has a dissenting opinion of your socialised idea of government to be implied a racist and loon. You ARROGANT S.O.B.! As with the rest of your elitist self serving compatriot traitors in office. You all ARE FIRED!!! PACK YOUR BAGS AND GET IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE. DO NOT LET THE DOOR HIT YOUR BACKSIDE ON THE WAY OUT!!!!!

How dare you spew your vile inflammatory language when less then three years ago you had the gaul to stand behind Shrillery Clinton and say the "dissent is patriotic". Now dissent is racism? You hypocritical mofo's. I am sick and tired of your one way ideological B.S. being shoved on to this country. Not only you Sen. Whinhouse (yes whine house), but the rest of your colleagues are a disgrace to the offices you hold and the hollowed halls we the PEOPLE allow you to walk.

I dare you! No I double red dog dare you to have the cajoles to call me a racist to my face. Look me in the eyes Senator and say that. Be what you claim to be, a man and say that to me in person. You slanderous cur!

For over thirty years you and your ilk have tried very hard to dumb down this nation. Lowering educational standards in favor of social equality bunk lessons. Guess what, it has not worked to well. you will find that despite the efforts of the left Americans are still fairly well educated. The truth be told we are educating ourselves better on things now. With home schooling and charter schools. Your time in office has come to an end.

Even though the damage to this country will be immense, from the electing of President Obama. It has done this country a world of good. It has exposed you and your brethren in destruction. It has exposed the true racist and supremacist. It has exposed the Democratic party for the ideological thugs that you truly are.

And for all those others in Washington who have betrayed our (the people) trust. You ARE FIRED AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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