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Monday, December 21, 2009 

The Kitchen heat too hot for Rep. Grayson

So Rep Grayson wants the FEC to investigate dissenters. Specifically one that is trying to raise money to help remove this sorry excuse for an elected official from office. If you go to http://www.mycongressmanisnuts.com/ , you can see that there is an active person who wants to see Grayson not reelected.

Is there anything wrong with this? Hell no, and Grayson needs to remember that. That there are others who have a different opinion than his. That it is THE RIGHT of the PEOPLE to actively support or not support elected officials. That just because you (GRAYSON) were once elected does not give you the job for life nor does it entitle you to force your opinions o your constituents.

This web site documents Graysons more outlandish leftist views. It clearly depicts Graysons absurd values and vitrol hatred for conservatism and any Republican be them RINO or not.

Bottom line: Hey Grayson. You opened your mouth and shoved your foot deep down your own throat. Do not think you can run over all your constituents. There are some who still believe in Freedom and Liberty despite your objections to it.

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