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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 

So how is that hope and change for Christmas working for you?

With unemployment at a decades high. Well over the official 10% on government propaganda news. Many are struggling to figure out just how to buy that Christmas toy for little Bobby and Suzy. So what does our government do? Well the F.A.A. throws a 5 million dollar party in Atlanta. President Obama will delay his tax payer paid for trip to Hawaii for a day. Then there is Congress who has already gone home to be with their families.

Our Senate will make a mad dash for the door after 9 A.M. Christmas Eve in order to catch that flight to their families. All this while many are hoping that they can work on Christmas day. They have bills to pay and worry where the next dollar is coming from.

Case in point. I will not mention the small company or the name of its owner. The reason is he is my friend and salt of the earth. His pride is huge , and his work ethic is deep. However this has not been a very good year for him. He has been shafted by several local contractors who have been more then unethical and lacking in their payment for services and material.

My friends family has traveled from Oregon to Colorado to see him on the holidays, his daughter and her live in boyfriend are visiting as is his mother. What does my friend hope to do for them this Christmas? He hopes to take them to dinner at Denny's or LePeeps. Not much of a Christmas for him and his family.

Yes I have invited them to join me and my family but he has refused. This is just one example of how the economy is in the tank. I have spoken to many who are having to work under the table at any job that they can get. Not because they want to double dip into unemployment funds or to augment an already small income, but because it is the only way that they can find work. By working under the table they are not covered even by workmans compensation should they be injured. Yet this is the only way tat they can get employment and compete with ILLEGALS who have brought down the hourly wages and are more then happy to work under the table. Knowing full well that with the passage of this new health care debacle they will get even more free benefits off the American taxpayer.

Now this does not shed a very kind light on employers, not my intention. I have talked to many of them in my local community and the main reason that they are not "hiring" is that they are scarred. they are not sure that they will be able to keep their business after the start of the year because of possible new taxes that will sink them. Some of coarse are only looking at profits and the fact that by paying under the table they save money in payroll and are able to still charge customers a high price. Pocketing the profits for them selves and hedging their retirement in Cancun. Still some are not without heart and are trying their best to keep local workers afloat by spreading what work they can find to those who need it and are willing to work.

In my local community I see on a daily basis people I grew up with standing around near Home Depot looking for a job even loading and unloading customers shopping carts for them. Some are even digging in the snow banks for recycle items that they can turn in. One local who is a welder has been entrepreneurial. Seeing how many who used to hire him for his skills as a welder are not doing so. He has turned to hauling scrape metal junk for what ever he can get Fagen Scrape Metals to pay him for it. Not much money in it but he is surviving.

There is an acronym here for our Socialist President. Locals refer to him as D.A.N., you can figure out what the letters stand for. We are not to pleased with what is happening. Here we are willing to give a hand up to those in need. We are not happy with being forced to give handouts because we are told to do so.

So how is that hope and change working here locally? Hope is fading and the change is not for the good.

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