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Tuesday, December 15, 2009 

Chicago Thugs get Terrorist Neighbors

In American politics it once was thought that Texas was ruff and tumble. President Johnson and stuffed ballot boxes, missing votes, etc. However these lessons learned were noting that Chicago had not already been dealing with for years. With the likes of Al Capone running the south side and paying off Judges and police precincts to leave his crime syndicate, bootleggers alone.

Mayor Daley made it OK to accept votes from the dear departed. Helping keep his criminal enterprise in elected office. His son continues the family tradition. Look we have evidence that the Obama's are tied in with Blogovich and the attempted selling of his senate seat. SO crime is nothing new to Illinois or Chicago. Yet how fitting is it then that the terrorist from Gitmo will soon be moved to Thompson prison outside Chicago?

It seems that certain bed fellows , like bed bugs are hard to get rid of.

Despite the vast objections, and common sense when it comes to housing those who wish to kill us. President Obamanation is moving ahead and bringing his fellow "Islamic Extremist" to American soil. We have active training camps for Islamic TERRORIST currently on American soil. The largest population of Muslims is in Michigan, with growing Islam in the Great lakes area. Supported by our government with the importing of Somalian Islamist.

We cannot even secure our borders from rift raft that ILLEGALLY cross over. How are we to secure known TERRORIST form active American and west hating ideologues? We can't!

The questions are numerous again. As the New York 5 will be held here as well. How long until there is an attempt to free these killers. Where will they strike once they are free to run amok in this country?

Just why in the hell are we giving Constitutional rights to those who do not under the GENEVA convention rate more then an execution. ( combatants caught out of uniform are to be considered spies ).

This is just or evidence that the current administration is either ignorant, or that they truly hate this country.

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