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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 

American Justice for the terrorist 5

All we here from the bleeding heart apologist is that we are going to show the world that the American legal system is fair and that we hold our morals to be above all else. So why has the President , Attorney General and others in this administration purposely tainted the jury pool?

Any day one law student should be able to argue successfully that the terrorist cannot receive a fair trail and that under the law rights for the average citizens have been trampled upon. No Miranda readings, no quick trial, no habeous corpus for the goat herders at all. This case is tainted from top to bottom and the defendants, though murderous scum, must be released.

If I was the judge in this case I would bring the defendants to the front of the court house and hold a press conference. There I would list the violations committed by Eric Holder and the current administration in the handling of this procedural fiasco. Then I would order the court officers to release the terrorist then and there on the street.

I would order the police and the court officers to step aside and not hinder the terrorist as they tried to leave New York and this country.

Of coarse I would make it very clear to all in attendance of the press conference and watching/listening that these thugs were loose on the street and would be leaving. The goal would be for the terrorist to get out of New York before real justice could be exacted upon them from the American populace.

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