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Tuesday, November 24, 2009 

War tax: Another Leftist move to ruin America

Here it comes. Obama and the left campaigned on the fact that the war on terror should be fought in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is their war like it or not. In March of 2009, shortly after settling into office President Obamanation said he had a plan for this battle and was going to implement it. In September of 2009 a request was made by Obama's pick of a commanding officer for more troops in a surge policy that worked in Iraq t be applied in Afghanistan. Here we are in November of 2009 and no decision on an increase of troops has been made yet another tax is being proposed for the American people.

Yes another tax. We are in a governmental sponsored bad economy. One that is being pushed with piss poor policies and ideas from the left to ruin this country and its economy for decades. Refusing to take responsibility for his decision and his WAR. Obama is going to propose more taxes on the wealthy to pay for a war. A war that is supposed to be protecting ALL OF AMERICA. Not just a select portion of the populace.

The TARP act was Bushes and arguably not a good thing. The stimulus and the continued bailout of wall street is Obama and the lefts. The war in Iraq is over and the clean up is moving along. The conflicts (war) that continues is the left and Obama's mess. No one elses. The blame game is tired and old.

It is time that we get some honesty from these BOZO'S in Washington. If Bill Clinton hadn't lied he may have a better persona with American people. Now that Obama denies all and lies from both sides of his mouth he has no respect from the voting constituents.

This new proposed tax is just the lefts way of reaching further into our pockets and STEAL our income, forcing us into indentured servitude to the left. There is NO need for this tax. A responsible government would cut their spending and have the funds. A responsible government would not be proposing a take over of one sixth of the economy and sending businesses into oblivion. A responsible government would encourage industry and entrepreneurship to help with fund raising for our troops.

NOT THIS LEFTIST government! It would rather demand and order a small section of the citizenry to pay for everything.

Is it time for a revolution? Taxation without responsible representation? It is definately time for a change, and for hope!

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