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Friday, April 23, 2010 

Capitulate and do not insult Muhammad

Muhammad was nothing moire then the first terrorist, a pedephile, and a thug. These are the facts of his life. Marring a 9 year old, killing or forcing submission to Islam, then charging a tax on those who capitulated to Isalm in the middle east. Again these are the facts.

Now we see on a daily basis the capitulation of Christian and Jewish beliefs to submit to Islamic oppression. Death threats to those who under western culture make fun of all religion and politics. Case in point, Trey Parker and Matt Stone the creators of south park.

Zachary Chesser, a convert to Islam, blogged basically death threats against the creators of South Park and those who produce the show. Yet when asked about it he dismissed it as predicting what could happen to those who make fun of the degenerate Muhammad.

Given a pass on his threats, comedy central caved in and refuses to air any mention of Muhammad. If this is not running scared from a blow hard bully like Zackary and his goat herding friends then there is no acting like scared chickens.

I have news for Zackery and his goat intercoarsing friends. I find you and your understanding of Islam to be a joke. The fact you follow the ideology of a creep like Muhammad and then twist anything in this religion to fit your oppressive demigod beliefs is amazing. Not only should you be ashamed of your selves, but any one who truly has any sense of a religious bone in their body in Islam would denounce your bulling tactics.

You and your punk ways do not scare me nor does your intimidation worry me. What upsets me is that others kowtow to you and your ways.

So if you do not like it here in the west and in America, LEAVE, GET OUT, DO NOT COME BACK. We did not invite you here to change our ways to please you. Christianity and Judism have been around a long time, and will be around a long time to come.

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