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Friday, April 16, 2010 

Russian Adoption Flap

So what is up with this woman who sends her son back to Russia? I have no idea. Is it wrong? Yes, but then again the child was not the only one who was let down by the system. The adopted mother was a s well.

This being said I find it sickening and totally despicable that there is such a concern about Russia closing its doors to American adoptions. It is en Vogue for families to run off and adopt children from Russia, Africa, China and other parts of the world. WHY? There are thousands upon thousands of children here in the United States who are in need of loving families and a safe environment to grow up in. However the mad rush to keep up with the stars and other trend setters is to adopt foreign.

It is hypocritical and shows how a society falls apart. Charity starts at home not in the neighbors back yard. If a society cannot take care of its own then it cannot take care of anyone elses. This is what we have now. A mad, desperate rush to take care of others while ignoring our own.

It is unfortunate and wrong that here in America we have children being ignored in favor of children some where else. Children in America are deserving of love, families and a home too. This however just is not good enough for the wannabe crowd.

Every day , every hour we are undaunted with commercials about poor Maria who lives in squaller of the Philippines so give money. Where is the mention of little Bobby and Sarah who live here and do not get three meals a day or have proper clothing? None what so ever. This is a crime.

If you are looking into adoption or feel you need to donate money. Think about America first and the children here. If we do not have a stable society for our own , then how can we provide for others.

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