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Sunday, April 18, 2010 

How safe do you feel?

So honestly tell me.Just how safe do you feel now? With the knowledge that President Obama is eyeing military cuts in spending, personnel, and projects. There is nothing left in the budget to cut except our security in order to help balance his overall increase in welfare spending.

Our missile shield gone, reduction in nuclear arms and research. Now new tech from his now all but cancelled space program. Just how safe are you feeling in the knowledge that he has left our boarders still wide open to anyone who wants to come on in. Fact that the Mexican military is running security for the drug cartels, Phoenix has undeniable become the kidnapping capitol of the world. Do to the illegal (oops I mean the migrant criminals) who are slowly extending their grip of terror in this country.

How safe in your own home do you feel with the fact that Obama has turned the Telecommunications listening act inwards on Americans instead of out ward like the Bush Administration did on those who want to kill us. Instead American citizens are being spied upon if they do not agree with his political agenda?

How safe so you feel knowing that your opinion , if it is decent against socialist views is considered to be hateful and radical? That when the shoe was on the other foot it was proclaimed as patriotic by Hillary Clinton , yet now it is hate speech and undermines the government?

How safe do you feel knowing that our traditional allies are now alienated and feel distant. That our only ally in the middle east is being treated as thugs and international criminals when they defend themselves from terrorist attacks. that Israel is standing alone for liberty and freedom?

Do you feel safe in the knowledge that terrorist captured on the battle field are given Constitutional rights and treated better then our own military who is dying to protect us. That the men and women in the armed forces are held to strict regulations under the military code of justice while terrorist get a much more liberal and forgiving civilian legal system for their atrocities.

How safe do you feel knowing full well that Iran will have a nuclear bomb and supports those who wish to kill us. That the dictators in Latin and South America are making plans with Iran and are being supported by the United Nations and President Obama in their call to disarm, derogate, dismantle , and subjugate the United States of America?

I do not know about you but as long as the Constitution is still the law of the land and the Bill of Rights still holds. I will cling to the second amendment and sleep OK. That is until they try to take away my Constitution and the second of November.

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