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Friday, March 26, 2010 

Bounties for Gangs?

Is it time to bring back the "wanted dead or alive " bounties for gangs and their members who are actively attempting to murder police officers?

In California we have a motorcycle gang that has openly declared war on the police in and near Hemet California. In Texas near El Paso the word is out to law enforcement to be careful as gangs are going to start targeting them. We already have seen the full out blitzkrieg by Mexican drug cartels against anyone and everyone who even looks wrong at them.

So is it time to bring back "Wanted Dead or Alive" bounties to vigilantes who bag these thugs?
How different is it really from the bounties offered now for those who skip bail and the bail bondsmen who hire bounty hunters to get their investments back? Is it not the same as our society crumbles into a moral and social war of the haves and have not?

We already see the division of "we have the power and you do not" elitism of Washington. As leftists force their will on the people of this country. Do the people still have the faith in the system to protect them and keep them safe form the thugs who target law enforcement. What is to prevent them from walking into your home and taking it over for their criminal pursuits? If government is to busy lining their pockets with our hard money, while limiting the actions of the law in a perverted political correct process of the lefts version of equality.

Do the people still have the right to defend themselves and for how long? After amnesty for millions of law breakers, what is next on the left agenda. The repeal of the second amendment? So if we bring back bounties of "dead or alive" can we feel safer or keep what may be left of our country safe?

Just asking.

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