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Thursday, April 01, 2010 

Spartacus not enough

As Michelle Malkin calls for American CEO's to come forth and bring charts, graphs, memo's etc to Rep. Waksman's witch hunt. It is not enough! CEO's and share holders should be demanding that Waxman make sure he himself in all of his pompous, self righteous, leftist better then the peons be there and wide awake.

Big business and small businesses need to march on Waxman and not only bring charts, graphs, all memo's concerning this fascist health care debacle, but bring copies of this health care law outlined in huge yellow markers showing this joke of a Representative that what they are doing in what is required by this law and announcing the profit losses that they are now going to have.

Small business owners need to march on Waxman and show him exactly how many will either have to close shop or lay off many in their small work forces. That this mandatory un Constitutional mandate is going to kill the economy and is going to kill the American entrepreneur.

It is far past time that the American get in the faces of these leftist and put the truth and the facts in play. For far to long we have listened to the lies by the left. As a matter of fact yesterday President Obama tried to convince this nation he plans to drill for oil. However if you had listened to his words and not his rhetoric you would know that this is yet another lie. he plans to explore for oil in areas we already know where the oil is. He and his peon Salazar, have closed off huge oil reserves from Alaska and the Dakotas from drilling.

We have to confront these liars with the truth of their destructive ways. We have to have real hope and come November begin real change. A change that brings real prosperity and not tryanny to our country.

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