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Wednesday, April 28, 2010 

Open Boarder hypocrites!!!!!!!!!!!

We are once again seeing the hypocrisy of those who undermine and ignore American sovereignty. The radical misinformed and propagandised, not oppressed and ignorant movements that protest IMMIGRATION law. Rear their ugly heads and want to play the race card and the victim card in order to obtain special privileges above the rest of the American citizenry.

By spewing their false accusations and propaganda these people would like the world to believe that the United States is racist and full of bigots. Again nothing but false hoods in this. There is no other country in the world that takes care of people inside its boarders better or more compassionately then The United States of America.

Only in America can anyone walk into a hospital and get medical care. Only in America can foreigners get handouts without being citizens from the government. Handouts like food stamps, a welfare check to help get by, section 8 housing to live in. Having official papers printed in their language because they cannot or will not read English.

In no other civilization on the planet can you get arrested over a dozen times and still be allowed to roam free and get government assistance still. Lets face it you have it better in America if you are not a citizen. No taxes, under the table wages never declared, government handouts , free medical, free education, special programs for higher education affordability ( Colorado and California lead the way in this with tuition fees that are lower then in State residence).

So why is it when the American people, the citizens who foot the bill for this get fed up with those who are praying on society. Breaking into homes, kidnapping, murder, rapes, child molestation, the list goes on and on. When the people get fed up and start to express their frustration with this they are slandered and libeled as racist, bigots, fascist etc.

MeCHNa, La Raza, Reconquista, Atzlan, and many more Hispanic organizations come forth and decry the same old crap. Poor us , we are victims. Yet they fled a nation they supposedly did not like , yet their goal here is to recreate the nation the left. This includes the corruption of officials and support for the cartels. Yes support for the cartels other wise would they protest the arrest of thugs from MS - 13? Or would they be upset when child molesters are captured? No , yet they cry foul and discrimination when these degenerates are arrested for their crimes.

The claim that we have human rights and that boarders are anti human is a crock. Maybe they need to look first to the south and see what real violations of immigration rights and human rights acquire before they fake injustices here.

On Mexico's southern boarder "misplaced migrant workers" are met with the point of a gun from the Mexican Military. Stopping them and forcing them back. In Mexico there is no policy of citizenship by birth. So running across the boarder and dropping a child does not give you the right or even permission to stay in Mexico. Mexico has no policy of dry foot wet foot for the Cuban refuges that flee Cuba. They instead are rounded up and forced back to an oppressive government that will punish them for trying to leave.

Mexico does not have any programs to help out foreigners who want to live in their country. If you want to stay there you have to prove that you have medical insurance, an income, and place to live. Even then they may not grant to you a right to stay. Foreigners are subject to searches at any given time. This does not include the shake downs for bribe money from corrupt officials.

In fact as a foreigner in Mexico you are a second class citizen, without the same rights and protections as the average Mexican. So tell me what is the fuss all about?

American citizens are tired of being robbed , raped, having their children assaulted. Americans are tired of being unemployed. The lie that Americans will not do certain jobs is proven wrong . Just this week a raid was conducted and 300 illegal factory workers were detained and face deportation. With in hours all these jobs were filled with American citizens.

I suggest you read Mexican law and what they think of others in their country.

Ley General De Poblacion, the general law of the population.

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