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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 

Colorado Senators Udall, Bennet support sex offenders

In a complete partisan vote, Colorado Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet vote in favor to support the grey area of the Health Care bill that would let convicted sex offenders the ability to get prescription erectile dysfunction drugs.

The Coburn Amendment which would have disallowed sex offenders from slipping through the cracks, the ability to legally get hold of drugs that benefit their deviant behavior. The so called Viagra vote. The Democratic Senators voted 57 to 42 to shelve the amendment. A simple fix that would have eased a little of the pressure from the public about this fiasco of oppression being passed off as health care. Yet Senators Udall and Bennet chose to play party lines and allow this grey area a pass. Instead of taking the step to help insure a stoppage of deviant criminal behavior. The Democrats chose to take the lead of the left and not try to fix a known problem.

By shelving this amendment they are allowing this grey area to remain grey and for felons to get hold of substances that will enhance their criminal behavior. It is not a bold step in showing how they are looking out for the American people . It is however a clear demonstration of party trumps the safety of the people.

As claims of political games are being bandied about. The truth of the matter is that even though the Republicans may be trying to throw a monkey wrench into this piss poor bill. Certain proposals are being given that would make this bill less expensive and better to the people.

It is those on the Democratic side, or the left that are refusing to improve this bill all in order to lay claim to being part of the destruction of this country. Mark Udall and Michael Bennet are standing arm in arm with those people. Party politics over the will of the people.

Michael Bennet an appointee to the seat once held by the leftist Ken Salazar, now Sec. of the Interior. Is up for election this coming November. If he supports erectile dysfunction drugs for convicted sex offenders, what else does he support that goes against common sense and endangers the people?

i doubt it's that simple...

As I said it is a grey area. Yet this problem, or possible abuse that may accure could have easily have been fixed with the passing of the Colburn Amendment. A preventive measure. To close a known loophole in this new law. Yet our elected Senators refused to close that loophole and allow the possible abuse of it to happen.

This was a false effort by the GOP. The real purpose was to try and kill the Healthcare Reform legislation by forcing the bill back to House and out of the reconciliation process.

Now that the bill is law, why isn't the GOP proposing a "fix-it" bill to solve this?

Because they were never serious about it in the first place!

Democrats argue that the proposed amendment's true purpose was to derail the healthcare reform act.

Now that the act is passed, this issue is easily resolved. When Congress reconvenes, have the GOP propose a simple, single issue bill to "fix" it.

If the GOP does NOT propose such a bill, then the Democrats were right; it wasn't a serious concern, but rather a spurious attempt to stop another package.

I know which way I'd bet....

You must be hung over from your parting not to have paid any attention to the 8 hours of amendments that the Republicans tried to get atached to this lame bill. All of which were fixes for the piss poor oppresive legislation the left passed. It was and is the Democratic party, being so full of them selves that shelved every proposal and prevented any fixes from being made.

If the Dems really are concerned for the welfare of the American people then they would uimmediately stop the lies in the commercials being run and never ever have passed this foolish healthcare debacle.

Wake the hell up and see what is truely going on.

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