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Friday, March 19, 2010 

Colorado demonstrates Arrogance

The people of Colorado need to really wake up and take a hard look at those in elected office right now. For those who are up for reelection, they need to worry.

Sen. Udall, Sen. Bennet, Rep Markey, Rep Perlmutter, Rep. Polis, Rep Salazar, are helping to lead the way to pass the scam known as Health Care.

Rep. Polis states his ignorance on not only the Constitution and parliamentary procedure, but what the good people of Colorado want.

Polis recently said that he does not understand why some people are so upset about a proposal for the House to pass the Senate version of the health care legislation without voting on it separately. He says – either way – members will be given their say.

If members are to be given their say, then why are meetings being held behind closed doors? Why is the minority party being shut out of debate? There is no say on this bill. It is clearly a one sided discussion.

Why people are upset is simple you dolt. The Constitution requires a vote on a bill before it becomes law. No where does it ALLOW the passing of legislation with out a vote. It is clearly UN Constitutional to do so. But does this matter to these bureaucrats? In a single word NO, they do not care. It is more important to these buffoons to pass something be it good or bad, regardless of what the people think and want.

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