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Wednesday, March 24, 2010 

Threats against Congressional Members

Congressional members who supported the Unconstitutional Law of Obamacare are now claiming that they are getting threats against them Rep. Steny Hoyer has given a press conference denouncing that the safety of a democracy does not operate under coercion.

What are the specific threats? Well no one knows. No specific threat has been released. The implication is to the safety of the families and personal being of certain Representatives is clear. Yet like the claims of racial epitaphs being said to certain members of Congress has no audio clips backing up the claim.

So what are these threats? More then likely they are along the line of "Your career in politics is over," or possible "you have signed your political death by supporting this bill." All of which is true. As the people of this nation are not standing for this oppression of our freedom of choice.

The MSM, along with all liberals, are making a huge push to label the Tea Party as nothing but right wing racists. So now the claims of threats will be thrown in the mix to more stigmatize the average American who does not support socialism.

I say to the American people, continue to call and scold your elected officials. Let them know that their time in Washington is over. I would caution that a better phrasing of here is your pink slip , there is the door now use it be considered.

I would temper my words to the elected officials to lean more to the unemployment line and not the cemetery , unless this is where their political careers is going. A political grave yard where only Gary Hart and Pat Schroeder are vaguely remembered.

The second Revolution has been started. The first battle belongs to the liberal America haters , but the war is far from over.

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