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Wednesday, November 03, 2010 

Higher Taxes, Higher Debt, Irresponsibility, Colorado's vote

In a stunning show of ignorance on the issues Colorado shows it has no sense of being responsible. That is supports the liberal tax and spend idea of getting out of a recession. As amendments that would have forced the state to be responsible in the budget and reign in excessive spending. The Colorado voter voted in many counties to increase the tax burden on them selves. Amazingly no one has really said anything about this so far.

As the Colorado voter has placed the do nothing except spend Hickenlooper into the Governors office one has to wonder what will happen this spring. When we get a large wet heavy snow. Will Hickenlooper close all the state roads and send CDOT drivers home because the weather is foul, or will he perhaps use his ever so wise hiring experience and hire more illegals under his amnesty plans for this state to remove snow.

Colorado has shown that it has learned nothing from the over reach of the Obama liberals into our pocket books and personal lives. That they want to be drones who have no say in their lives and how they will live. The election of big labor union beliefs, and support for irresponsible economic policy, demonstrates that Colorado is another California in the making. A land of fruits and nuts.

Amen to that. I just broke the news to the family, after 18 years of military service and every intent of returning home, that I will not be retiring in Colorado. The state that once was is gone and I will have no part of watching it be overrun or paying taxes to support this insanity.

Jason I am sorry to hear this. It is now more then evr that we need people like you to help get this state turned around. Wirth the reelection of RINO's like Cheri Gerou in the State House. We ned people to start vetting candidates now for the 2012 election.

I hope that you do well in your future endevors and thanks for serving. Semper Fi!

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