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Monday, October 25, 2010 

Voter Fraud = October to November 3RD Surprise

I asked this question before as to what will be the October Political surprise that we may or may not see. Now Michele Malkin exposes a real surprise ...... not really. Yes it may be surprising to some of you that there is voter fraud occurring, Holy Ballot Batman! This is really not a surprise. the surprise will come Wednesday morning the 3RD of November when we see the result5s of this fraud.

A big thank you should be given to Michele for exposing what is happening here in Colorado, however it is common knowledge for those of us who have been paying attention for years. The fact that Mi Famila Vota is involved with the SEIU is not new either. One can easily connect these non transparent dots to what is going on. The left knows that they are in jeopardy of losing what they have spent decades working for. Control over our lives in the name of social justice.

Colorado politics has been relatively quiet and moderate in the mud slinging of the past. Though in recent years it has become a hot spot nationally for the left who have been systematically ruining our state.

The appointment of Salazar to Sec of the Interior, waging a war on oil and gas here at home, closing off public lands and behind land grabs for natural resources. Perlmutter, Bennet, Markey, Hickenlooper and support for sanctuary policies. Just to name a few and their causes.

The last time Colorado had this many crooks in office was under Governor Evens and his dealings for the land of Mt. Evens and the land around it.

With RINO's like Hugh Hewitt spewing about one must vote early and by absent ballot/mail in are only aiding and adding to the fraud and abuse that is happening. The only way we have at the moment to stop voter fraud is to sit in and watch the precinct judges check off the names and make sure that they are doing so. That any questionable votes be noted and followed up on. This means going to the poll and voting in person, then stay there to watch.

Foe the last three national elections this is what I have done and plan to do again. I am one of the first ten voters every time then I hang around and drink up the coffee. I bring a tape measure and make sure all political signs are over 100 feet away from the poll, other wise I MOVE THEM. Fortunately in my little polling spot it is small and there is not a lot on the rolls. SO it is rather easy to watch.

So do not be surprised if the left wins in November. The voting fraud is occurring now and will until they count enough votes for them to win. Only way to stop this is to participate in person and not by mail.

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