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Tuesday, October 19, 2010 


I wrote about this several years ago when the evidence was clear at the time. The fact that listening posts and observation posts manned by Mexican Military personnel and Cartel thugs where in the United States. Many miles north of the border in Arizona, New Mexico and in Arizona.

The recent debate over the now denied document by sister no nothing Napolitano, the joke of homeland security. Our government, even in the last administration of Bush knew that this was happening. That this country was on the verge and is now being invaded from the southern border.

Over 30,000 people have been murdered. This is on the Mexican side of the border. The count of Americans being threatened and sighted in for Murder is only beginning. Have we heard anything from the open border activists who claim humanitarian causes? No! NOT a damn thing about the crime and threat of more violence. They only want to blame this country for the actions of thugs, punks, child molesters, sexual deviants and the resulting crime on AMERICANS. When in fact it is coming from south of the border.

The Zetas, a pro military group who sold out their own country after getting the best training possible from America in order to be better soldiers for Mexico, are now a powerful force in the act of crimes in Mexico. So where is our government in all of this? Passively hiding away in Washington and on the golf courses there within.

I have been saying this, and trying to warn America since I started this blog. We are being invaded not by those who seek a better way of life, but by those who want to kill us and pollute our society. Those who seek power and control over our SOVEREIGN NATION.

The world still sees America as a western movie. A country with bandits and outlaws riding into the sunset with stolen goods. Well we are now becoming that belief. As our border is being ignored, our laws not enforced , and our government out to lunch on the 19Th green.

Arizona is only the starting point for the up coming violence. The Sheriffs of Arizona need and must have our support in this war. Believe me if we do not get a handle on this it will be a war. One like that being waged in Mexico and previously in Columbia with the cartels.

It is imperative that the AMERICAN people act now to stop this. Any and all information on activities , movement, and identities of these criminals be turned over to responsible authorities. Not the department of Homeland security, as I said RESPONSIBLE AUTHORITY. Help out the local Sheriff departments.

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