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Tuesday, October 05, 2010 

October Surprise?

So in the year 2010, just what will this election year bring in the way of a surprise for this country? It is hard to say from what direction it will come. Will it be another terrorist attack? Allowed to happen by a weak and nonexistent secure southern border. Could it be more bad economic news. Rising unemployment rates do to poor policies and lies from the White House. As stimulus projects end and union workers, those who were really the only benefactors from stimulus run out of work. As the season changes and seasonal workers find themselves out of work, all heading for unemployment assistance.

Will there be more light shown on the racially biased Department of Justice and the way they are supporting voter intimidation and fraud. Or will there be some election rule changes or postponed voting?

I wonder if the October surprise will be nothing more then there is no surprise.

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