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Tuesday, October 05, 2010 

Colorado race for Governor

As we get closer to crunch time, it becomes more evident that the Colorado Repugnant Party refuses to admit that they support yet another candidate of loser qualities. Dick Wadhams has let his personal dislike for Tom Tancredo to ensure a republican loss in this election cycle. A loss that will not only aid in putting an OBAMA yes man into office but hurt future republican fund raising and candidate options.

There is only one candidate out there that will aid and benefit Colorado. As I have said weeks ago. Tom Tancredo is the man for this job. Although I highly disagree with his position on legalizing drugs, I support just about every thing else about this man and you will to. All you have to do is look at his record and what he stands for. A man of principle, character, and backbone. Not afraid to speak his mind and stand for his convictions. This is the leadership we need and deserve. With Tom Tancredo there will be no next day surprises. We know what we will get with him before and after he is elected..

As you read this Tancredo is gaining in the polls and Meas is dropping, Hickenlooper is beginning to sweat. This is good. This is what we need, support and send your monetary campaign donations to Tancredo. Help him get his word out and the truth about both Hickenlooper and Meas.

When you go into the booth to cast your vote. Think hard. There is no time limit in the voting booth, so if you have to pull out your notes on the issues and the candidates do so. Study up and find out what the small print is, who the candidate really is, and how it will all effect you.

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