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Tuesday, October 26, 2010 

Make your VOTE COUNT

I can not say this enough. YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE! Do not mail in or submit an absentee ballot. This is a vote for the left if you do. IT IS NOT ONLY YOUR RIGHT BUT IT IS YOUR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY TO VOTE!!!!!!!!

Why is it important to show up in person and cast your ballot? Just look at what is making the news now. The voter fraud that is occurring. Nevada ballots are already filled out for Sen. Harry Reid before the ballot is given to the voter. School districts are holding classes on how to fill out the ballot to students, having them fill it out for the democrat candidate then busing the students with their filled out leftist ballot to the poll to be cast. An already filled out under duress vote.

Not only is this going to be the most contested election but the cheating and fraud will be like no other in our history.

Above all else this next Tuesday the 2ND of November, GO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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