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Friday, November 05, 2010 

What to do now?

A poignant question, " What to do now". The election is over so campaigning should be at a lull for a month or two. Colorado has moved further left into the state of ignorance, yet nationally there seems to be a glimmer of light upon the hill.

So what should we do then? Well the "Tea Party" needs to keep the heat on. Hold the newly elected officials to what we put them in office to do. A smaller Government, repeal Obamacare, bring pride back to this country and international respect.

The work is not completed nor is it close. As long as the established elite in Washington are still not listening to us. A sense of accomplishment is not justified.

Here in Colorado we MUST take a long look at the repugnant leadership of the party. When a candidate like Maes is put forth , then says when he is not even close to being competitive, "I am not in this to win". We must seek a new chairman for the party. Dick Wadhams has to go. I have said this before and will continue until we get a NON RINO in charge.

On the local level a closer examination of those we elected must be conducted. Just what has Cheri Gerou done? Will Tim Leonard be conservative or another RINO?

These are important questions. The heat has got to be turned up on the pro amnesty Governor elect, Trickenlooper. We cannot afford to accept more of his amnesty policies on a state wide basis. Denver has been run into the ground under his leadership and now I fear so will the state. He has to be kept in check on his leftist agenda.

With more repugnants in state legislature the chances are better but unless we hold these officials true to what the people want . We may just get more Washington crap shoved onto our plates.

Political correctness MUST BE SQUASHED, and return of common sense to government. This is what we must do now.

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