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Saturday, June 18, 2011 

MSM, Love for Romney Rino, A no VOTE

In case no one has been paying attention, Mitt Romney has been leading the polls as the "Republican" candidate of choice for some time now. I question this BIG BIG time. The field of possible candidates is extremely fertile in conservatism. Yet the MSM is and has been pushing Romney since day one. Why is this?

As a matter of fact why are certain pundits like so called conservative Hugh Hewitt playing up Romney?

I have a several theories on this but not for now on disclosure. The fact that this country has swung so far left they have no clue as to what the right side of the political discourse was, makes a candidate like Romney seem plausible. A situation we need to pay attention to. Romney may be a nice guy, former Governor, yet he is at best a RINO.

Massachusetts is in a mess and "Romneycare" is yet another social experiment that is bankrupting the people. Yes the communist use of a word. THE PEOPLE.

Romney is not what this country needs nor is he what can be described as a savior to the Union.

If you do not believe what I have written then believe this. Romney is a believer in the myth of man made Global Warming and has the endorsement of Al "Greenie Weenie" Gore. That should be all there is needed to convince you not to support Mitt Romney.

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