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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 

More to think about

As the Repugnants start to organise and push forth a candidate, hopefully not one chosen by the media, or another Washington RINO. Here are a few things to think about, mostly what the leftist and liberals would like you to believe.

1) The Dems claim they have saved the economy. (truth .... higher unemployment then the Bush years, and a four time higher debt then before)

2) everything that is wrong is Bush's fault.

3) an open southern border that is armed on the south with weapons ILLEGALLY sold by our Obama government to the drug cartels.

4) Obama has played more golf then both Bush's and Clinton combined in his first two years in office then the others during their terms. (who is minding the store? )

5) We are at war on three different fronts, so the Democrats look to cut the budget in the Defense department before they look at their irresponsible spending plans.

Just a couple things to think about when the campaign gets more active.

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