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Sunday, June 19, 2011 

What is the real unemployment rate?

So what exactly is the real numbers? How many people are really out of work? For that mater how much money is not going to help get AMERICANS back onto their feet and going overseas to bribe some government official who will not really help us finding terrorist but just line his pockets with American tax money?

How many people are not being counted as unemployed because they are in a transition period from step one to step two or tier two or whatever unemployment is calling it. A way for them to hold up unemployment benefits for several weeks while supposedly reviewing the claim. In layman's terms it is a way for them to cheat the unemployed out of several weeks of benefits while they take extended lunches.

The government is claiming that they have stopped/slowed down the layoff/fire rate and that the economy is getting better. So then tell me why I see many more retirees working at McDonald's. Is it because the baby boomer generation can't sit still? I don't think so. As the foreclosure rates go up on homes, local taxes rise as local municipalities look to augment their budgets for their out of control spending and padding of government union pensions/benefits, are we to believe that things are better now under the Obama administration domestically then they were under previous administrations.

It does not take a brainiac to see more people panhandling then before. Sure a quick way to determine if they are truly in need is look at the shoes they wear. If they are nice, in good shape, or brand new , I would think about giving them any money. Yet the old unshaven, ripped jeans and will work for food signs are always a heart string puller. You can bet that they do not work for the government in any capacity.

It seems that as the government grows, the private sector is shrinking. A tit for tat thing? The problem is that as the private sector shrinks the income of oppresive taxation to pay for the goverment growth shrinks as well. Thus leading to stagnation, inflation, and the eventual fall of the government from their own stupidity.

This is why the free market must be allowed to expand and flurish. It promotes employment and inginuety.

So what is the actuall unemployment numbers? Is it one out of six? One out of four even? Look around and ask. You know if your neighbor or friends are working or not

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