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Saturday, July 16, 2011 

Socialism = Tryanny

This is just too much. This country is being run by and has way too many "better then thou" morons running loose. The claim that it is for the better of society or that we only mean well is old and tiresome.

Legal action against any elected official who may appear or support a religious function ( Gov. Rick Perry being sued for supporting a prayer meeting in Houston)

Demands to remove children from homes if they are considered to be obese. How about removing xboxes and play stations, returning recess to school and allowing children to play on swings, games of tag, etc.

A dyslexic President who sites polls backwards always. The latest example that 80% support tax increases when in fact the poll is opposite of this.

In the name of gun safety, the government is and has purposely sold arms to criminals. An effort to attack the second Amendment and remove it from the Constitution.

Everywhere you look an attack on our liberties, be the granted from the Constitution or from God. The left, who are naturally socialist and Marxist want to tell you how to live your life while they do what , where , and when what they want to do.

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