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Thursday, April 28, 2011 

Why are the republicans scared?

Just what is going on with the Republican party? Are the so into loosing that they really do not want to head the message from the Tea Party?

With the 2012 presidential campaign not even kicked off yet the Republican party is already circling the wagons around two candidates and dismissing any and all who seem to aggravate the liberals.

I quote Hugh Hewitt .... " it is a two candidate race. Tim Pawlenty and Mit Romney". Say what, who, why.

A dismissal of Michelle Backman, Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, what is wrong with these people. It appears that those in the "know" of republican insiders are working as hard as they can to cover their tracks if the tea party has been present.

At this time I do not believe other then Romney no one has actually announced their official candidacy for president. That is on the republican side. Obama has been campaigning since 2006 and has not stopped.

What is wrong with Donald Trump? Here is a man who is not afraid of saying it like it is. Despite innuendos he has never filed personally for bankruptcy. He understands the economy better then any candidate republican or democratic. No I am not trowing my support for Trump. All I am saying is why are the republicans so afraid of this man and others that they are dismissing them so out right now.

Ryan, Jindahl, Christie of New Jersey are three more people that a candidacy needs to be looked at. As these also bring to the table COMMON SENSE and leadership. Christie taking on the thugs in the unions, Jindahl working over time to fix a state that the liberal thieving democrats nearly ruined. Ryan proposing a economical fiscal responsible plan to help this country get back on track.

However they are dismissed as being to radical and out there.

It may be time for the tea party to put forth a real candidate that will syphon off all the votes from the two party system and elect someone who can turn things around and put the party first and not country first players on their ear.

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