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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 

Applying Obama's Energy Policy to History

"There is no silver bullet Kemosabe" so said Tonto to the Lone Ranger, however any and all who know the Lone Ranger this was not true.

Yes President Obama there is a "Silver Bullet". The problem is YOU REFUSE TO USE IT.

If we were to take the Obama administrations energy policy and apply it to some of the greatest accomplishments in history there would never have been any great accomplishments.

1) If the Pharaohs applied this ignorance there would never have been a pyramid. It wasn't built in a day. Therefore it would have taken too long. No reason to build it then.

2) If Alexander the Great believed in this policy. Would he have taken the time to forge ahead and grow his Kingdom from Greece to India? It did not happen over night there fore with Obama's logic it was not worth doing.

3) How long did it take to build the Great wall of China? No silver bullet there so why build it.

4) If man was meant to fly he would have been born with wings. Tell the Wright brothers to quit wasting their time on such a silly notion of flying.

5) A horse manure problem in the streets? Do not bother on alternative transport, unless you are walking. Forget the street car. It will take to long to build and set up. Besides think of the children. One of them may fall off the car while playing and be hurt.

6) Why make a bigger , faster ship with sails? It will take from three to six months, many man hours, and think of the forest being decimated. No, no reason to build ships to sail the seas.

Yep there is no reason to even look at trying to do anything. It will take to long and the rewards just are not worth it. It is best we accept the policy of our commander and thief. Sell your vehicle, take public transportation while you still can (it runs on fossil fuels too you know). Then maybe in ten to twenty years we can think about rebuilding our country and claiming our place in the first world and move out of the third world we are spiralling into now.


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