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Friday, June 29, 2012 

Disgraced Democrats ,liars and cowards

There is no other way to describe or say it. The Democratic party is full of cowards and disgraceful liars. First promises of no new taxes. Now we find out that those of us who make less then $250,000.00 are going to be hit with the brunt of supporting funds for the highly (despite the wrong ruling by SCOTUS) unConstitutional Obamacare. It is we the people in the "middle class" who will now be in the poor class. However the real disgraceful act was a walk out on the copntempt vote for Attorney General Eric Holder. For any elected official to walk out for any reason is a disgrace and should be hailed as a COWARD.

This is not a witch hunt as the LIARS, like Nancy Pelosi claim. This is an investigation and a cover up on who new what and when on how border patrol agent Tery was murdered and why.

The democrats are disgraceful not only in their high and mighty actions but look at the results of what they are doing. Our economy is sinking and now looks to be going under with Obama care and new taxes disguised as benefits for no one. A loss of respect and world position as leaders in the communityof man. National secretes leaked that hurt operatives and the military. A southern border that is in caos with kidnappings on the rise not just in Phoenix but all over the southwest. Drug cartels running Americans out of American parks so that they can traffic not just in drugs but in human slaves for what ever reason.

Small businesses going to go under because of new labor costs disguised as no new taxes. A president who lies out of both sides of his mouth so that he can look like he is sincereley smiling. All the while he is laughing at the American people.

It is time to take our country back. Muslims who riot in Michagan and stone Christians while police turn their backs on it. This another lie from Obama, respect the religion of tolerance? What tolerance.


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