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Thursday, June 28, 2012 

Mandated enslavement, Obamacare supported by political hacks

Ok lets face the truth. It is past time that We the People take back our country. By hook or crook, crook being what is in office now, we have lost our freedoms granted by the founding fathers. Mandating the purchase by either regulation or new taxes is WRONG. Taxation without representation was a major factor in the revolution that this country went through over two hundred years ago.

What we have seen today is not only an avoidance of the Constitution by Congress and the Senate of the Constitution, but support from the Supreme Court in the flaunting of the ignoring of the Constitution. In essance it is the government twelling the people you work for the government aqnd will do what the government dictates. This is tyrannical and not at all a represenative government. It boarders on a dictatorship, socialism and a politburo as in the old Soviet Union.

The supreme court has stated that this government can and may make laws that penalise you for decisions that they do not like. In other words we will tell you what to buy, where to buy, and how much you will pay for something. This is not a free market, nor is it capitolism. It reeks of Bananna Republics and their dictator governmnets.

The people of thisx once great country arebeing told you no longer matter in the way things are done. You are to get up and serve the government and their whims. A clear 180 degrees from what the founding fathers set in motion. War has been declared on the people. Ignoreing the laws of the land by not defending the borders, choosing what laws to enforce and ignore, lying to the people (this is not a tax, yes it isa tax and not a mandate), letting natiuonal secretes out to the press on matters of security. It reeks of hatred to the people.

We were handed a form of government that we weree challenged to porotect and hold on to. We have FAILED in this. Our freedoms are gone. The Bill of Rights is next to be dismissed under this regime. Fast and furious is an attack on the second amendment and the courts do not look to be defending us the people.

If the courts ignore the Constitution and support a taxation/mandate on our income. Telling us what we have to buy in the way of insurancwe what is next? Are they, the government going to dictate what vehicles we drive? Yes they are through EPA regulations. These regulations are onlyu favoring those companies that give money to the elites pockets. No one really wants to drive a golf cart on the highways, yet we are being forced to do so.

Be honest who really has bno pride and wants government handouts on food and money? Some do because they have been so downtroddin by this government that they do not strive to be individuals. The self satisfaction of making it has been denied.

It is time that the Tea Party praise the Lord every where and pass the ammunition!!!!!!!!!!!

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