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Saturday, June 16, 2012 

Colorado Wildfires

The recent explosion of fires along the front range is a prime example of how not only State but Federal officials lack leadership and ability to look at potential problems. For over three years now I have been all over my State Representative Cherri Gerou about this problem. After all this time I still get brushed off. Since then we have had several devastating fire including the recent Pudre Canyon disaster.

Why are we suffering these fire? It is simple, the state refuses to do anything about the problem. Lip service and move along nothing to see here attitude is prevalent. With earth first and other moronic environmentalist running amok and not being prosecuted for their actions, the state of Colorado is suffering a huge pine beetle problem. This problem is a major factor in controlling these wildfires. Beetle kill is nothing more then fuel for a wild fire as it is essentially dead wood and fuel. Major slash piles litter the area and also are bonfires waiting to be lit.

Denver Mountain parks is in bed with those who would rather see the state burn then have a single tree cut. It takes a minimum of thirty days to receive a permit to cut wood from them and then it is a miracle if you get heard in thirty days. In reality the buck is passed and a permit takes closer to ninety days to be issued if it is issued. I am six months in waiting for mine. You apply then it is passed around to another agencies that have nothing to do with the parks waiting for approval from them then back to the parks for an OK or not. All the while Denver Mountain Parks is covered with downed trees from the 2003 winter snow storm that hit.

It is not for a lack of getting people to cut the wood,or a factor of labor costs to remove it. There are organizations that are more then willing to do this and can do this. It is a matter of stepping up to the plate and allowing them to do it.

Those few logging companies that have contracted to clear dead wood are being hindered by tree spikes, equipment sabotage and chaining of roads. Where is the law protecting their legal rights under contracts? No where to be found. A lack of enforcement on the domestic terrorists who have essentially caused and aided the wildfires with their actions.

Now with over two hundred homes gone, families lives ruined and devastated. Animals dead, injured and missing, no one from PETA speaking out. The State is still having a wait and see , move along attitude about all of this. DO not be fooled by the press conference's of Governor Trickenlooper, he is NOT  doing anything about prevention of this problem.

Looks like it will be a rather warm summer, got any smores?

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